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Hi, I’m Kim!

I’m the principal and founder of Leonard Research & Evaluation.

I’m a researcher, evaluator, facilitator, collaborator, and communicator with over 15 years of experience in program evaluation and improvement. I’m also a mother, daughter, wife, dog and cat parent, gardener, knitter, lover of arts and artists and watcher of bad reality TV (balance is good, right?). I’m passionate about helping people thrive and bring my mind, heart and whole self to my work.

I practice equity-driven, human-centered program evaluation to strengthen teams, programs, and organizations and to positively impact the systems and conditions that should ensure equity and justice. For the last nine-plus years, I’ve had the privilege of shaping this work within a large statewide community foundation, where I am part of the leadership of an incredible Research & Learning team.

I have also spent the last decade building expertise in respondent-centered survey design in collaboration with Sheila B. Robinson. Together, we authored Designing Quality Survey Questions, published in 2018 and popular with both practitioners and students. Sheila and I regularly conduct workshops and provide consultation to organizations and researchers who want to gather more meaningful, useful information.