“Qualitative Data Visualization”

Just sharing another excellent blog post from Susan Elliot: “Qualitative Data Visualization: An Interview with Dr. Stuart Henderson”

The interview includes some discussion of visualization tools (always a topic of interest for me). In addition to word cloud generators Wordle & Tagxedo and data analysis tools like Dedoose (which is reasonably priced, fyi), they discuss Many Eyes, which I’d heard of, but not much about. I was happy to have this excuse to take a closer look and does seem to produce very pretty visualizations. Unfortunately in order to use this free service (like Tableau‘s free version) you must upload data and it is then available for anyone to use. Not ok with sensitive or confidential data, obviously. You can delete it again, but in doing so you’ll also be deleting any associated visualizations. I suppose it might be possible to download copies of the visualizations first, but again, I get stuck at the requirement to upload.

And there’s much more in the interview as well — including some book recommendations that sound great and a link to a framework for qualitative data visualizations that Dr. Henderson developed. I’ll let you find those for yourselves. 😉

Thanks to Susan for yet another great post!

3 thoughts on ““Qualitative Data Visualization”

  1. Thank you Kim for passing on my post. I’m flattered times two now. 🙂 Congratulations on your impending marriage. Have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon!

      1. I’m going to have to check out this post. I’m considering purchasing Dedoose, but I should probably start with the trial and see how that goes. I’ve used Atlas.ti and the data viz portion seems like it may be a little complex, not to mention the astronomical pricing! The Dedoose intro videos show a great deal of variety when it comes to data viz, sorting, and quantifying the data. I also appreciate that it was created by people who seem to “get it” when it comes to ease of use and price.

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