I recently had a delightful meeting with someone I met at an OPEN event. She was interested in my thoughts on a possible evaluation project on her horizon, having little evaluation experience herself (though she has a strong research and policy background). The meeting reminded me how much I enjoy learning about evaluation projects, and how exciting the early stages of such a project can be (when planning is just getting underway, many things are yet to be discovered, and so many things seem so possible).

I enjoy meetings like this whether I’m an integral part of those evaluation projects or not. I have high hopes that this project will grow well and succeed; and that I’ll have helped her get things off the ground. And if it turns into a longer term project for me, that will be icing on the cake.

I am happy to meet in person or virtually, when available, to provide an initial free consultation session about evaluation and assessment projects. During this meeting I’ll provide as much information as I can to help move your project along, and share more information about what continuing to work with me could look like. Send me an email or give me a ring to set something up.

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