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Survey Coaching from Q to A

Are you using a survey to better understand a group of people or their experiences or needs? Or to assess the reach or impact of a program?

Do you want to make sure that your survey will provide the information you need and be easy for people to respond to?

Do you care about equity, and want to be thoughtful about what information you gather, and how?  

I can help!

I am an expert in purposeful, equity-driven, human-centered survey design. I provide tailored coaching, thought partnership, and resources to help you get the information you need and make sure your respondents feel heard and understood. 

This survey coaching package describes what it might look like to work together:

  • We start with an initial deep conversation to learn about your survey, its purpose and its context, potentially including key decision makers, partners and staff who will be doing the analysis (usually 60-90 mins)
  • I review your survey draft and any related materials as needed to provide further context or detail (e.g., evaluation or research plan)
  • You get customized written feedback, question by question, and general advice about further survey development needs (e.g., testing/piloting) as appropriate (via email)
  • We have a detailed debrief and planning conversation(s) to clarify feedback or address other questions as needed (usually 1-3 conversations of 60-90 mins depending on extent of revisions)
  • I document our debrief to capture key action steps and ideas, and share additional resources as needed/desired, helping you to retain decision making details and learning.

Ready to connect so I can customize a coaching package for you?

Need to know a little more? 

Through survey coaching, you’ll get:

  • Several conversations to support survey plan development, review drafts, discuss feedback, and support administration and use
  • Access to my expertise/thought partnership over the course of survey design, administration and use
  • Tailored feedback and advice on drafts and research plans
  • Additional recommended resources including my proprietary purposeful survey design process workbook and designing quality survey questions checklist (including a copy of my book – Designing Quality Survey Questions)

You’ll gain:

  • Confidence. Through coaching, you will get higher-quality and more meaningful data you can trust.
  • Respect. Your respondents will feel heard, seen, and understood because you ask them more relevant questions and communicate that you value their time and expertise.
  • Efficiency. You’ll meet your research goals more easily by avoiding questions and analysis that aren’t useful. 
  • Insight. Coaching will help you determine how best to apply what you learn from respondents.
  • Expertise. You’ll be able to transfer what you learn with me to future surveys and related projects. 

Why work with me?

  • I am a survey design expert. I co-wrote the book Designing Quality Survey Questions and have improved oodles of surveys over the years, helping others avoid common mistakes and yielding better data. 
  • My approach is equity-driven. I will make sure your survey is inclusive and accessible, that you are considering multiple ways of knowing, and that the process used and information gathered help us move toward a more just future.
  • I will provide tailored support based on your goals, information needs and budget. 
  • I sweat the small stuff. I will pay attention to the important details that are often overlooked but make a big difference in the quality of resulting survey data.

Tell me more about your survey needs and how I might help: