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My values


All humans are whole, complex people deserving of love, care, respect, and more. I want to be my whole self and create space for others to bring their whole selves into this work. Being human is messy – let’s embrace that in all we do.

(not competition)

I believe that resources are plentiful and that an abundance mindset is needed to resist the culture of scarcity so common in U.S. (and especially non-profit) culture. I also believe we can do more together than alone, and seek to work in relationship and collaboration with others as often as possible.

Learning & curiosity

Curiosity is core to my practice, and I love when questions result in more questions. I believe that deep, applied learning is a core element of or precursor to improvement. I also believe that expertise comes in many forms, all of which are valid, and that we have the most to learn from those closest to the root causes of challenges.

Creativity & adaptability

I hold deep admiration for innovation. Creative thinking and expression are not only beautiful, they are necessary for humans to thrive. Innovation and creativity allow and require flexibility. I assume that things will change, and aim to support adaptation.

Future focus

I want to focus on what is possible, and spend more of my time imagining our way to a better future. I strive to be a good ancestor by leaving things – systems, programs, and people – better than I found them.

These values help me contribute to an equitable, just world. 

For me, equity & justice are more than values. The pursuit of equity and justice are my why, the reason I do this work in the way that I do.

I believe that in order to move toward a world that is equitable and just, we must acknowledge that historically and presently, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other populations are not treated equally, let alone as experts of their own lives and communities. I believe that systems and institutions rooted in oppression are the problem, not the people impacted by them. This means that our work must hold systems and institutions accountable and repair those systems and institutions doing harm.

Finally, I believe that while equity work is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration, those with great privilege (myself included) must work much harder to rectify the wrongs of our history and present day systems. I challenge myself to use my power and positionality to build and share power, amplify others’ important voices, and shift perceptions to nurture shared understanding of one another.


These values are influenced and inspired by the Equitable Evaluation Framework (TM) and my experiences with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative, as well as my work and incredible colleagues at Oregon Community Foundation. My values complement the American Evaluation Association’s evaluator competences. They are also the result of personal reflective practice encouraged through Boost and Bloom (The Evergreen Empire). I expect that how I talk about and embody these values will evolve over time as I continue to learn and grow.

Land acknowledgement

I am based in Milwaukie, Oregon, just south and east of Portland, which means that I live and work most often on the ancestral homelands of the Clackamas, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Mollalla, Sti’pulmsh (Cowlitz), Kalapuya, and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians. Since time immemorial, these and other native peoples have stewarded this land. Fortunately, despite centuries of oppression, many still reside here and advocate for the land and its peoples today. I endeavor to learn about, acknowledge and honor the original inhabitants and stewards of the lands wherever I travel and work. I also seek to reconnect to my own heritage, family history, and ancestral homelands to understand not just my present context but my familial and community past, and to move toward a more interconnected future.