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Let’s improve the programs, organizations and systems that people need to thrive. 

Together we can use the tools of research and evaluation to ask and answer questions that increase social impact. And we can do it without losing our humanity in a sea of numbers, charts, and jargon! 

How I can make your work better

I practice equity-driven, human-centered evaluation that supports learning and impact for foundations, nonprofits and consultants. 

For foundations

Foundations are uniquely positioned to contribute to positive change. 

I understand what it is like to work within philanthropy and I have a thick playbook to draw from to help foundations shift toward more trust-based and equity-driven practices (grounded in the Equitable Evaluation Framework (TM)) to support learning and understand impact. 

Foundation offerings

  • Development or co-creation of equity-driven research, evaluation and learning systems and processes
  • Research and evaluation that boosts organizational learning, and helps drive positive change
  • Strategic thought partnership and supplemental people-power for internal teams or partners working on strategy or evaluation

For non-profits

Mission-driven nonprofit organizations play vital roles in supporting their communities. 

I know how important it is that evaluation be practical and aligned with organizational mission, and recognize the pressure many nonprofits face to produce results. I believe nonprofits can use evaluation to not only improve programs but also work toward the broader change that is necessary to advance equity. 

Nonprofit offerings

  • Relevant, useful, and practical evaluation processes and tools (developed for or, ideally, with you)
  • Evaluation plans that bridge funder expectations and what is most meaningful and useful to your organization
  • Evaluations that result in learning your program and organization can use to improve
  • Group or individual training or coaching that grows evaluation and organizational learning skill and comfort

For evaluation firms and consultants

Consultants provide important services for foundations and nonprofits alike. 

I’m at my best when partnering with others, and enjoy working with solo practitioners and teams as a thought partner, co-conspirator and collaborator. Let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Consultant offerings

  • Coaching that stretches your practice through application of the Equitable Evaluation Framework (TM)
  • Consultation and thought partnership that supports your team in understanding the needs, practices, and expectations of foundation partners
  • Collaborative partnership or leadership for project evaluations and teams

Why work with me?

I center relationships and collaborate.

I have served as a partner, collaborator with colleagues inside foundations, nonprofits, and with fellow evaluators. I walk alongside clients as partners to build trusting relationships and support shared learning. 

My support is flexible and scalable. 

As an independent consultant I am efficient and flexible. I can easily take on either small or big projects. I can customize and adapt to meet you where you are. And I can also pull in subject-matter expert partners when needed. 

I understand the potential and challenges of equity-driven work.

I have experience shifting teams and projects toward equity-driven practice, using the Equitable Evaluation Framework (TM). This is powerful, hard work, but we can find joy in practicing together.

You’ll benefit from my expertise, contacts and resources.

I’ve been working in philanthropy for almost 10 years and in research, learning and evaluation for over 15. When we work together, my expertise, contacts and resources become a shared asset.

Ready to get in touch?