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Survey Design

Have you ever…

Gotten stuck trying to write a tricky survey question? 

Started to analyze survey data only to realize your participants didn’t understand a question the way you intended? 

Struggled with how, or where, or whether to include demographic questions in a survey?

Me too. 

It’s easy to get too close to our work to see potential problems or to rush through processes and forget to consider what will (and won’t) make sense to the folks we want to respond to our surveys. 

Surveys are one of the most common data collection tools used in program evaluation and applied research for good reason. They are relatively easy to create and administer and have the potential to reach large populations even with a relatively small investment of time and technical resources. 

In order for surveys to actually meet our information needs, they must be designed intentionally and prioritize respondent needs, interests, abilities, and perspectives.  

I can help.

I have honed expertise in respondent-centered, practical survey design and methodology through dedicated study and practice conducting and helping others conduct oodles of surveys with various populations and purposes throughout my career. 

This work led me to co-author the text Designing Quality Survey Questions and to co-develop and facilitate well-received and often sold-out workshops held virtually and in person including at the annual American Evaluation Association conference.

I would love to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made (and seen others make), and to develop surveys that minimize respondent burden and maximize usefulness of survey data. 

Here’s what that can look like: 

  • Survey research  – I can develop a survey, test and administer it, complete analysis and provide guidance about how to use the results. I can tackle pieces of the survey research process or the whole thing. I can also do this in partnership with you or your team to extend and bolster your capacity. 
  • Survey coaching – I can provide custom coaching for you or your team to support you in any or all stages of the survey design, administration and use process. Lean on my expertise, thought partnership and resources to strengthen a particular survey. You’ll gain confidence in your data and greater insight into how to put the information gathered to good use. And you’ll be able to transfer what you learn with me to future surveys and related projects. 
  • Survey design training – I can support your team or organization’s specific training needs through tailored workshops, including coaching around specific survey needs or drafts. 

Let’s connect so I can learn more about you and your needs and we can develop a plan together.