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Let’s make surveys feel more like conversations.

In order for surveys to actually work, they must be designed thoughtfully, centering respondents. I’ll use my expertise in purposeful, equity-driven, human-centered survey design to help you get the information you need and make sure your respondents feel heard and understood. 


How I can make your surveys more meaningful

I provide tailored survey coaching, survey design and training.

Survey Coaching from Q to A

Tailored survey coaching provides you with one-on-one access to my expertise and thought partnership over the course of your survey project.

Survey coaching typically includes thorough review of your survey plan, draft, and context so that I can provide tailored feedback and advice. I’ll help you with survey development or review if needed, and you’ll get resources designed to help you succeed, including a copy of Designing Quality Survey Questions which includes a powerful checklist tool. 

Through survey coaching you’ll gain: 

    • Confidence. Through coaching, you will get higher-quality and more meaningful data you can trust.
    • Respect. Your respondents will feel heard, seen, and understood because you ask them more relevant questions and communicate that you value their time and expertise.
    • Efficiency. You’ll meet your research goals more easily by avoiding questions and analysis that aren’t useful. 
    • Insight. Coaching will help you determine how best to apply what you learn from respondents.
    • Expertise. You’ll be able to transfer what you learn with me to future surveys and related projects. 

Survey Design & Research

Need someone to handle an entire survey project from start to finish? Or someone to pitch in for just part of the survey research process? 

I can work solo or collaboratively to take your survey idea all the way through to useful data using the purposeful, respondent-centered design process featured in Designing Quality Survey Questions

I only take on a couple of full survey design and research projects per year, get on the list with a quick email using the button below. 

I’ve worked on surveys about a wide range of topics including: 

    • Arts education
    • Child care
    • Children’s dental health
    • Child welfare
    • Donor needs and interests
    • Higher education (students, staff and alumni)
    • Out-of-school time 
    • Social and emotional learning

Survey Training

I can support your team or organization’s specific survey training needs through tailored workshops, including coaching around specific survey needs or drafts.

My co-author Sheila B Robinson and I also offer online courses open to the public just a couple of times per year — the next course is in September 2023. Use the button below to jump to the course page and learn more!

This was an expertly choreographed and content-rich yet accessible presentation of common pitfalls in survey design, and emerging best-practice workarounds. Nice mix of lecture, solo processing work for us introverts, and group-based collaboration. Essential PD for anyone who develops surveys and adapts validated scales for applied research. Highly recommend!
Claire Fontaine, PhD
Director of Research, Inciter

Why work with me?

I am a survey design expert.

I co-wrote the book Designing Quality Survey Questions and have improved oodles of surveys over the years, helping others avoid common mistakes and yielding better data. 

I am equity-driven.

I will make sure your survey is inclusive and accessible, that you are considering multiple ways of knowing, and that the process used and information gathered help us move toward a more just future.

I provide tailored support. 

I will customize a plan and all of my efforts based on your goals, information needs, and budget. 


I sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

I will pay attention to the important details that are often overlooked but make a big difference in the quality of resulting survey data.

Let's get surveying!